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Writing Classes


All good stories revolve around character. My classes teach how character arcs work in Western storytelling and help you craft yours into one your reader can connect with.


Conflict drives story. Every scene has it, every character has it. Learn how to identify conflict and use it to prove the theme and thesis of your novel.


Learn the structure of a scene, how it drives the characters towards its inevitable conclusion and moves the story forward in an engaging fashion.


Class for All Levels of Writer

Whether you're an established veteran of the craft or making your first attempt, classes are structured to help all student types.


New 10-week semesters starting all the time for just $300 a semester. Classes held over Zoom, attend from anywhere, 7-9PM NST. Comes with 20,000 words of feedback.

New classes starting Wednesday, April 24th 2024 and will run for 10

weeks! Fill out the contact form below if interested!


Interested in learning more? Get in touch.

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