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Class Reviews

"My novel was finished but not complete. This course brought my writing to a new level. The group setting and instant feedback was what I needed to get the novel I wanted. I learned skills that helped me become a professional writer." -- Helen C. Escott, bestselling author of the award-winning Operation Wormwood series.

"I wanted something that gave me clarity and conciseness of story in my writing, and I found it in Matthew Ledrew’s writing class. I learned about story arcs and character arcs, conflict, plotting devices, and more. I was also able to achieve clear writing goals each week, and self-accountable writing habits going forward. The class is for all skill levels and immerses you in all genres of writing. The best part for me was the weekly feedback. Receiving and listening to feedback of other’s work was quite helpful. The class allowed me to focus on writing, and because it was so affordable, I took it three times, always learning something new each time. Highly recommended for those starting out and those who have a storied past." -- Ida Linehan Young, bestselling author of the award-winning Being Mary Ro series.

"Matthew's class was a wonderful experience. As a story structure nerd I love learning new approaches, and I picked up new tools for planning and revising stories. The class was casual and relaxed, and having a chance to critique other writers' work was just as valuable as getting their thoughts on my assignments." -- Kate Sparkes, USA Today bestseller and author of Vines and Vices.

"Before I started Matthew’s classes I was afraid to show anyone my work. Not only has Matthew given me amazing tool box of skills to become the writer I am today, but his feedback and teaching has boosted my confidence so much that I have submitted work to publishers that I would never dreamed of doing before. It is due to these classes that I have been accepted by a publisher for my first full length novel. If you want to be good at something then you need the right tool and Matthew’s class provides that tenfold. His professionalism and kindness shines through in everything he does and it has been an honor and privilege to be a student of his. I have done Matthew’s writing classes many times over and every time I learn a new skill or perfect one I have been using. His classes are something I look forward to as he makes an atmosphere of learning fun and exciting. If you are looking at learning how to become a better writer then look no further than his classes you will not be disappointed." -- Jennifer Coish, student.

Book Reviews

“An unabashedly entertaining romp into the macabre, Black Womb is a delightful homage to 80’s/90’s slasher movies and delivers on its promise keep you guessing at every turn of the page." -- Nicole Little, author of Roxy Buckles & The Flight of the Sparrow.

“It is the writing of it’s generation: visual, to-the-point and in-the-moment.” -- Jean Graham, The Northeast Avalon Times.

“The story is solidly written… [LeDrew] could have just given us the Breakfast Club, but instead he’s succeeded in creating a cast that’s as every bit [as] unique as they are believable.” -- playwright Jon Aylward

“Welcome to Coral Beach. Matthew Ledrew’s writing style is uniquely designed, full of vivid details and extraordinarily paced bringing the Engen universe to life. You won’t want to miss this horrifying first entry in the Xander Drew saga.“ -- Paul Carberry, international bestselling author of Carchaodon and Zombies on the Rock.

“It takes you on a rollercoaster and ends with a bang… I enjoyed every moment of it.” -- A Neon Village

“Black Womb compares very favorably to Personal Demons, I must say — I enjoyed [Black Womb] as much, and it of course has more in the series.” -- Kenneth Tam, Iceberg Publishing


“Perhaps the best way to dilute the book’s premise down to a single sentence would be to call it “a bizarre fusion of horror film and superhero gimmicks.” -- Mark Pellegrini, Adventures in Poor Taste

“[Smoke and Mirrors] is a mature and complex tale with many twists and turns that is sure to please fans of action, drama, horror and mystery.” -- Jay Paulin, author of Emma Awesome.

“LeDrew’s work is horror that emerges from the urban fantasy tradition — the introduction of a fantastical element into a true-to-life, modern setting.” -- The Telegram, Aug 13, 2010

“Jacobi Street paints a vivid picture of everyday life in a bohemian neighborhood. By the time you realize everything isn’t what it seems, it’ll be too late to put the book down. While it might not be the place to settle down, Jacobi Street is definitely worth the visit.” — Amanda Labonté, Call of the Sea

“This novel is Tales from the Crypt meets Doctor Who,” — Heather Reilly, Binding of the Almatraek

“My inner art nerd was utterly engaged. I wish this street existed, because I want to visit it.” — Ali House, The Six Elemental.

“Jacobi Street was exactly what I was looking for, a great story that required almost precisely as much free time as I had to read this past week (which, sadly, wasn’t as much as I’d like). I wanted to read something thematic for Hallowe’en, without a ton of gore and violence, but interesting just the same. This hit the spot, with its psychological horror revealed bit by bit in perfect fashion. I found myself reading “just one more chapter” several times over the past few days, until I steamrolled through the last 10 or so last night and into the wee hours this morning.” — Jeff Slade, author of The Culling.

“I was absolutely wrapped up in it. You just get absorbed into this tale. Some of the descriptions of the painting itself are downright chilling.” — Mandi Coates, Tea Shadows & Surprises.

“I really enjoyed this book from fellow Newfoundlander Matthew LeDrew. The corporate espionage and noir tone worked perfectly together to draw the reader into the world, setting up the twists later in the story. While I’m not normally a fan of romance, the elements here were developed well and did a lot of work in service of the story and Simon Monk’s character arc. A great introduction into Ledrew’s Engen Universe!” – JRH Lawless, author of Always Greener (reviewing Touch Your Nose).

“Touch Your Nose is a seductive potboiler that pulls you in and leaves your head spinning. LeDrew’s prose elevates this tale of corporate espionage beyond the usual pulp fiction fare, subverting cliches, tropes, and expectations. It’s sexy, clever, and fun with a final twist that will hit readers harder than a right hook from Daniel Craig”
– Brad Dunne, author of After Dark Vapors

“A fascinating dive into an area of the Engen Universe that was sorely in need of expansion.” — Sam Bauer, author of Dark Peaks

“This book is an interesting and easy read. LeDrew and Curtis have created their own line of characters with super powers and I’m excited to see where they take it. This book lines up interesting potential and I’m eager to explore more.“ -- S.S. Yasumi, Simple Pleasures (reviewing Infinity)

“Super powers and poker. Mysterious school for gifted children, growing conspiracy. Take all these cliches and add in talk of spiritual infinity and the responsibility of those with power and place it into the hands of good writers and bam! Awesome read!” -- Geeks v. Nerds (reviewing Infinity)

” “Destiny doesn’t wait for anyone” is the catch phrase for this book: it’s the perfect short description of what this book is all about. Infinity is the start of the story of an enigmatic man, Victor, who brings together four unique people from varying backgrounds after searching for those without limitations and who could truly change the world. The first book of the series follows Abby, Chad and Theo as they work to unravel their pasts. The three plots are separate, but they flow together very well… Do you like when a story leaves room for your imagination to run wild? Do you enjoy following different characters with unique backgrounds through a new world? Then Infinity is for you.I’d recommend checking out this book and jumping into the adventure!” -- Jenna Harvie, Paper Droids (reviewing Infinity).

“I’ve come to learn that Mr. LeDrew is more than just a writer. He’s an artist. I can feel how he visualizes each scene, each word, with careful consideration. This is a suspense thriller with a refreshing twist that left me wanting more and I can’t wait to dive in to his next book. If you’re looking for something to tickle your brain and take you outside the standard box that so many books force us into, then I highly recommend taking a stab at Matthew LeDrew’s cast library.“ — Candace Osmond, author of Killer Me (reviewing Cinders).

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