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An anthropologist working for an American University must return to Eastern Canada, the site of his greatest failure, in search of an ancient relic that holds the key to the world as we know it.

Jona is obsessed with his work. An archaeologist and cultural anthropologist originally from Niger, he spends his days lecturing at Cambridge University and dreaming about his youth in the field — a time when the world seemed wide open and new, and every stone could hide a new clue or artefact to be unearthed. That was long ago, now, and he has since regulated himself to the position of ‘armchair anthropologist.’ But all that changes when a new teacher’s assistant uncovers information that points to an ancient artefact of massive importance — the Holy Grail — being kept in a secret location on the island of Newfoundland.

Now he must team up with Lar Reynolds, a Professor of Newfoundland History working at Memorial University, on a quest to end one of humanity’s longest mysteries, all while avoiding the questions of an investigative reporter named Juliana Minh who seeks to ruin Jona’s reputation before he can reclaim it.

As Loved Our Fathers

SKU: SN005
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