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Xander Drew has declared war on Stephen Fields.

After losing one too many people he cares about, Xander has launched an all-out open attack on the mob boss, interrupting his supply chains, burning down his safe houses, and forcing him underground.

But the activity hasn’t gone unnoticed. Rival criminals in Los Angeles are looking to fill the void left by Fields’ departure, and with Xander focused to the point of obsession he cannot see how much this gang war has spilled onto the streets.

When his exploits are caught on camera, he attracts the attention of the Infinity team of Tash, Nick, and Kelly, who come to Los Angeles to deal with what they believe to be a violent vigilante.

Can Xander avoid capture as forces align against him? And can he outwit the new hitman Fields has hired, who brings with him a sinister plan to bring all parties into the light?

First Aid

SKU: XD006
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