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Alice Loveless has been through hell.

Ostracized from a young age due to her strange powers of undying, she finally found her place on the Infinity team – just in time for it to fall apart. Members have been exiled, abandoned, and vanished until all that are now left are herself and Abby Fisher. All they want is a normal life, so they carve one out for themselves.

But there is safety in numbers, and now there are only two of them against a world that fears them. When their secret lives are discovered, they must defend their home and way of life with everything they have against the forces of Circe, a shadow agency that will stop at nothing to abduct people with supernatural abilities, and their incredibly powerful bounty hunter, Aisli.

Can they save their new lives from the fallout of their pasts?

Reflection is constant.

The Rats of Refraction

SKU: IS005
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