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There is a man living in Atlanta Georgia that people don’t talk about, but everyone knows he’s there. He arrived a year ago and turned a gaggle of uneducated and uninterested youth into a force to be reckoned with; something to fear more than any demon or violent act: something new. The man’s name is Gavin. And he’s been dead.


Now he’s set his claws into a young girl named Kelly Saunders, and nobody around her seems to understand just how much trouble she’s in — nobody except a young man from Coral Beach named Nick Carry.


Luckily, Nick Carry isn’t like other people his age. He grew up in Coral Beach Maine, one of the worse places in the whole of the United States. And he has people on his side: the enigmatic Victor and Jaycee are present to uncover the mystery of Gavin’s sudden resurrection… and it may link closer to their pasts then they’d have dared imagine.

The Tourniquet Reprisal

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