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'Send More Tourists' Rules

Tracey Waddleton’s Send More Tourists... The Last Ones Were Delicious has prose reads as if she’s Margaret Atwood wearing the skin of Douglas Adams. That is to say, she’s not either: she’s both. One aping the other until they’re both perfect. With a little of what’s clearly her own brought in to play.

This ReLit-award winning collection is probably the most criminally overlooked of the entire Newfoundland fiction canon. Waddleton has it all here: sharp wit, dangerous ideas, and great writing.

I mean on a technical aspect, the writing is fantastic. I don't know how she does it. There's this phenomenon that Jessica Grant once described in a lecture, where on some level she 'blames a new book for not being the last book she read.' What she means by that is, it takes a while to sink into the new author's style. You think in one way, they in another. It takes a while to sink into that bath, and sometimes you can't do it at all. Waddleton gets you over that immediately. From the first words, you're in. I legit don't know how she does that and I'm jealous.

One of the best authors to come out of the island of Newfoundland, bar none.


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